Prepare for Your Child鈥檚 Hospital Stay

A hospital stay may be overwhelming for a child, especially the first time. If you are prepared and know what to expect, you鈥檒l feel more confident and in control, and can help your child feel that way, too.

VIDEO: Every member of our care team has a specific role in ensuring your child鈥檚 health, comfort, and wellbeing.

Here are some tips on how to prepare for your child鈥檚 hospital stay.

Visitor Guidelines

In response to the spread of 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in New York, please review our updated information about visitor access to our hospitals, doctor鈥檚 offices, and other patient care areas.

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Questions to Ask Before the Hospital Stay

The more information you have before your child鈥檚 hospital stay, the more prepared you鈥檒l be. We encourage you to partner with us during your child鈥檚 care by talking to your child鈥檚 doctors or nurses. Here are some questions you may want to ask:

Pediatric Patient with Mother

We also encourage you to talk with your child about the upcoming hospital stay.

Learn About the Hospital

Hassenfeld Children鈥檚 Hospital has three inpatient locations for children: Hassenfeld Children鈥檚 Hospital鈥34th Street, 榴莲视频官方 Orthopedic Hospital, and 榴莲视频官方 Hospital鈥擝rooklyn. In most cases, you can schedule a hospital tour in advance. This can help you and your child know what to expect.

Parents are welcome to stay in the hospital with their children. Your presence has a calming effect, and you鈥檙e an important member of the care team. We offer you and other family members a variety of resources to meet your unique needs.

Family to Family Hours, hosted by members of our Sala Family Advisory Council, are offered to give parents a break. Patients and families, including siblings, are welcome to visit our playrooms or bring toys and games back to your room. Volunteers are often available to be with your child when you step away.

Our child life specialists, creative arts therapists, and social workers can help your child feel as comfortable as possible before, during, and after the hospital experience.

Information about what to expect is also available in the Hassenfeld Children鈥檚 Hospital Welcome Book.

Going Home

Learn more about what happens after your child鈥檚 hospital stay, including insurance and billing information and how to care for your child as he or she recovers.